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Time and Motion Study Consultants, Work Measurement
Continuous Improvement and Lean Processes

Raise Productivity to achieve and improve Competitive Advantage

In business for over 40 years, Chinal has supported many, various and diverse Organizations to improve their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The "productivity Gap" is the difference between the time it "should take" and the time it "did take"

We can raise your productivity through

  • Performance Management
  • Time/Work Processes
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Kaizen / OEE
  • Lean Processes
  • SMED
  • Cost Reduction Tools
  • 5 S's
  • Work Measurement
  • Process Mapping
  • Process and Methods Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Labour Standards
  • Resource Planning
The flexible approach, dedication and enthusiasm of our highly skilled time and motion study consultants enables us to assist clients to identify and implement through Lean Processes, Continuous Improvement to their productivity - a foundation of Competitive Advantage.
We are certificated to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.
As well as being time and motion study consultants, our training division - The Harry Mitchell College, has over 50 years experience worldwide of Performance Management and Time and Motion Study Courses plus Lean Processes and work measurement. Please visit our website: www.harrymitchell.co.uk
Our vast experience spans most business, government and public sectors. Our in-depth knowledge and experience gained worldwide delivers world-class applications that are cost effective and achievable productivity solutions to meet today’s global challenges.
We are recognised as time and motion study consultants for our independence by Employers, Trade Unions, Professional and Government Bodies in validating Time Standards, working methods and staff skills.
For further details on continuous improvement through our Lean processes and work measurement services contact Telephone: 01384 234234
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